Ionic Detoxification helps you feel invigorated and rejuvenated by helping your body rebalance its bio-energy fields and stimulate the elimination of toxic build up within the cellular tissue and organs.
Pollution, Chemicals, Metals, Parasites and Hectic, Stressful lifestyles have made our bodies a toxic vessel. Our normal bodily functions tend to slow down and not work properly due to build up of toxins. All systems can be affected, such as cellular regeneration, elimination, lymphatic drainage, circulation just to name a few.
Ionic Detoxification is a simple, painless, relaxing way to rid your body of the many harmful substances that we accumulate. By soaking your feet in an ionic footbath, the complex energy fields permeate the water, realigning the body's energy field, thus causing a purging of toxins and nucleic waste. This accelerates changes in the body by increasing metabolism, and slowing down the aggressive aging process. After each session you will feel invigorated and have less of a "bloated" feeling. Also, inflammation of the joints can be lessened. Treatments are recommended every 2-3 days for 10 treatments for thorough detoxification. Maintenance can be done on a monthly basis.

Single Treatment - $25.00
10 Treatments - $200.00

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