Cinema Secrets 100
Red undertones, from Light to Dark, for dark skin tones (Ethnic Groups)
Cinema Secrets 200
These bases go from Olive Gold to Dark Olive Green
Cinema Secrets 300
These yellow-beige base tones complement most Asian complexions
Cinema Secrets 400
These bases have a yellow-coral undertone
Cinema Secrets 500
These bases have a warm beige undertone except #504 and #509. Pink undertone #504 not as pink #510 to #517 mixture of pink and coral undertone.
Cinema Secrets 600
For nearly perfect neutralizing of pink-red-blue-purple or brown dark circles under the eyes or any type of skin discolorations on any part of the body. Can be worn alone or mixed with foundation.

**DISCLAIMER: Each of the above comes in a series, each color series has 3 or more variations of colors. On-screen color tends to vary when displayed on different computers. With infinite ways to combine monitors, graphics cards, platforms, operating systems and settings, there is no way to precisely represent a products' color 100% of the time. If you have questions about a specific color, contact us for more information or visit cinema sercrets online!**

**Please Note: At this time, the following products are only available through my physical shop. I do not sell these products on my website.
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