The Skin rejeventation Centre in Wheelersburg, Ohio, is just what you need to refresh your mind, body and soul - Relaxation is the key! Our State of the Art Facility, specializing in innovative professional skin care treatments, offers women and men of all ages the most advanced clinical results-oriented treatments and skin care products.

Connie Otworth is an internationally recognized licensed Aesthetician with nearly 20 years experience in facials, chemical treatments, microdermabrasions, body treatments, and waxing. Connie opened the Skin Rejuventation Centre in Wheelersburg, Ohio, in August 2005 which has produced a very elegant and inviting facility where only the finest equipment and products are utilized to create the unparalleled results that you will experience at The Skin Rejuvenation Centre.

Prior to moving her business into the Wheelersburg Area, Connie had a Para-Medical Aesthetic Business and was also an Adjunct Professor in innovative treatments at the Indian River State College she took care of the clients from the area's leading plastic surgeons and dermatalogists.

As proven by her practice, many skin problems can be corrected without the use of prescription medications and harsh medical procedures. The cosmecuetical homecare products that are available at the Centre are of the highest quality and with the highest concentration of active ingredients that is allowed without a prescription. The professional products used at the Centre are the most advanced on the market, producing the best results for our client's needs. All product lines used at The Skin Rejuvenation Centre require extensive training from each company the product is issued by to properly utilize the products and state of the art equipment combined with Connie's innovative methods to produce an incredible, long-lasting result for you, our clients.

Schedule your appointment today by calling (740) 574-5400, or emailing us at appointments@tsrcentre.com. Or to find out more about these procedures and what products are used, please visit the Services link which further explain the processes and procedures. Thank you for visiting with us, and learning more about what we do. Our door is open to walkins and appointments alike.

The Skin Rejuvenation Centre says: DRINK WATER!! There is no quicker fix to refresh the body better than Water!
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